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DaDaBIK OWL Module

Hi all,
I have developed an additional module for DaDaBIK which allows to generate an OWL ontology starting from the database managed; this is the result of my computer science degree thesis.

At the moment I have just uploaded a zip file containing three files: install.php, footer.php and generate_owl_ontology.php. If you want to try this new module, you can download it and, starting from the last development version of DaDaBIK update the install.php and footer.php files and put the generate_owl_ontology.php in the root folder.
You also need to download and import an SQL version of Wordnet from and to edit the $wordnet_server_* parameters in generate_owl_ontology.php.

Only MySQL is supported at the moment.

I hope I will integrate the module in the development version and write some documentation soon.