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Version 4.1 released, Web Design Contest

Hi all,
after almost three months of public beta testing, more than 4000 downloads and several bugs fixed I'm proud to announce the final version of the 4.1 release of DaDaBIK.

This version fixes some minor bugs; check the change log for the complete list of changes.

Thanks to all people who daily post bug reports on the support forum.

Some people experienced problems using DaDaBIK on MySQL 5 with STRICT_TRANS_TABLES enabled; I was not able to replicate the problem, if you have any clues please report them on the support forum.

Regarding my last call for developers, two people wrote me in order to start the collaboration so I hope DaDaBIK will have a new administration interface soon.

Now I'm asking for WEB DESIGNERS: DaDaBIK needs a new, usable and cool interface; send me your proposals: two simple HTML page (one for the record results view and one for the record details view) are OK; the best one will be the new standard DaDaBIK interface. The contest will close on March 31, 2007; more about the rules of the game in the next few days.

For the winner will be a good chance to spread his name on the Web, through this popular piece of software.


  1. Tekon 26 Jan 2007


    I have had an idea called 'viewmode' mod for Dadabik for a while. I found a programmer who ported your mod over to PHP Nuke, calls it Dadabik4nuke. He had this to say about my idea....sounds like it may be something you can better know the answer to:
    sorry, no can do.

    the thing is that the function (code) that deals these 3 icons are not included in a do... while loop. meaning that we can't pass it an argument array of record numbers to edit.

    also... what happens when you get a list of 20 records and you click update? you need update 20 records in a row...

    I have a screen shot where I edited it to show what my mod would look like if it were implimented.....but its on my home computer. If interested, drop me an email, and can point you to a hotlink for it uploaded on my site. Steve from USA.

  2. Eugenio 29 Jan 2007

    Hi Steve,
    I didn't get exactly what you mean but I'm very curious to see your mod.
    I will contact you via e-mail soon.

  3. Mike 25 Feb 2007

    I'm not a web designer and am not trying to win the contest but I found a way to modify the code to combine the record results and details views into a single page, where details can be hidden or revealed through clicking on the entries. It won't work for most users, but is great for timelines.

  4. Eugenio 25 Feb 2007

    I saw your mod results, it looks good for some particular uses; you can publish your mod in the support forum if you want.

  5. 0711concept 27 Feb 2007

    Hello Dadatik-Users,
    I can think of a Theme-Switcher, which enables you to switch the look of the databik-user-interface. The styles, Images and placeholders should be changeable within a theme-editor. Moreover you can offer users to present their themes on this website. This way we will find different styles and ways.

    I am looking forward to this. 0711concept

  6. Marc 26 Mar 2007

    I would like information in order to submit my cool new interface for dadabik please.

  7. Eugenio 29 Mar 2007

    Hi Marc,
    at the moment I'm looking for the best way to legally accept graphic works with a copyright transfer, for this reason I haven't talked again about the Web design contest.

    I also had a talk with a Free software foundation staff member (or maybe a volunteer) but without results.


  8. Marc 3 Apr 2007

    Hi Eugenio.

    The interface, with it's graphics works and all, were to be released as GNU/GPL too.

    Never had I thaught that the design would be copyrighted.

    I learned this from people such as yourself. And I just want to give back... It's a matter of being fair I guess.

    But anyways, you are the team leader and I would not want to appear like I am telling you what to do.

    GNU/GPL is my way to go.

    Thanks again.

    (see my entries plus a working demo of my favourite in the general talks forums)