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Is DaDaBIK still used with non-MySQL DBMSs?

Starting with the last 4.3 beta, the users can register the installation of DaDaBIK; I receive information about DBMS type and DaDaBIK version.
97 installations have been registered so far and these are the statistics about the DBMSs usage:
MySQL: 95 installations
PostgreSQL: 2 installations
Oracle: 0 installations
MS SQL Server: 0 installations

97 is (statistically) still a small number but I'm wondering if DaDaBIK is still used with non-MySQL DBMSs....maybe the tipical Oracle or MS SQL Server user doesn't work much with PHP but I think that it's not true for a PostgreSQL user.

I decided to dedicate some time in future to test DaDaBIK with other DBMSs (SQLite and DB2) but if everybody's using MySQL I don't know if it's still a good idea.

New admin section, new release soon

I have finished the redesign of the admin section: new look, some improvements in the interface, in-line help for the interface configurator.

This will be released soon with DaDaBIK 4.3 release candidate 1, together with an improved documentation and a new enterprise-oriented demo (an invoicing system) that I'm developing.

Stay tuned!

Demo cleaned-up and downloadable

I've cleaned and improved a bit the demo section in order to show easily some DaDaBIK features.

I've also made a downloadable version of the demo. This can be a good learning tool, looking at the configuration/settings you can easy learn by example how to get the same result. Instructions on how to install the demo included in the downloaded file. Available just for MySQL.


4.3 beta is out, we have a (hopefully) cool graphic interface!

Hi folks,
yes, difficult to believe but true!
DaDaBIK is powerful and easy to use but the GUI has always been something that could hurt....
Why? Because I'm too nerdy to take care about GUIs? No, just because having limited time I've always preferred to spend it improving the features set and fixing bugs.

But your long wait is over, some days ago I discovered by chance a very nice DaDaBIK graphic customization made by Erik Pöher; I firstly started to implement that GUI but I ended up developing the GUI from scratch, in part inspired by Erik's work. Here is the result: demo (user: demo1; password: password).
There is still space for improvement (better warning/error messages for example) but I think it's much better than before. Let me know what you think.

Another important improvement: magic_quotes_gpc set to On is not anymore needed.

There are also several bugfixes, as you can see from the changelog; some new bugs were also dscovered.


We have a new forum!

a new forum is available! I finally decided to continue using phorum ( as software, mainly for two reasons:
- they provide a script to convert my old forum data
- even if it doesn't provide all the features that some competitors do, it focuses on reliability, simplicity and customization and for this reason I feel it very close to the DaDaBIK philosophy. They also have an amazing support.

All the old user accounts are still valid. You have now some of the modern forum features, including avatars, private messages and so on...

I still need to embed the forum into the Web site layout and find a solution for a problem: in many posts there are links to other posts, but those links don't work anymore because phorum 5 uses a different way to call a post via URL.

Anyway, enjoy it and let me know problems/bugs!


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