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Edit-app visibility

Posted by kiksekage 
Edit-app visibility
October 17, 2017 02:44PM
For anyone using Wordpress integration, you don't want users to log out, accidentally. You also don't want them to change their password, as that is not relevant.

You can hide the box in the upper right ($show_logout_account_admin_box) but then the "EDIT this App" link is not available. Plus, I think it's nice to see the username.

I've made a simple patch that you can apply to remedy this issue:

Patch download

Unless you disable authentication, the patch will:

  1. Always show the box and "User: Name"
  2. Always allow the admin to see "EDIT this app"
  3. Hide the "Your account" link, if you are using WordPress authentication.
  4. Hide logout (if $show_logout_account_admin_box is disabled in config).

Copy the patch to your DaDaBIK root.
Run "patch -p0 -i edit_app.patch"
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