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Vote for the next features of DaDaBIK!

Posted by eugenio 
Vote for the next features of DaDaBIK!
December 11, 2012 08:56AM
Which is the next feature you want to be implemented in DaDaBIK?
Voting is currently disabled for this poll.
120 votes were received.
IBM DB2 Support 0
Oracle Support 1
Microsoft Access Support 3
Multi-select listboxes and checkboxes 22
Multiple databases applications 2
Ajax file upload 1
Ajax data grid 8
Record-copy feature 4
Reports generator 18
Virtual fields 7
Thumbnails + zoom image field type 10
Disabled fields 4
Custom insert/update functions for fields 6
Field type, content and relations with other tables guessing during installation 3
Insert/Update/Delete Moderation 3
Multiple primary keys handling 2
Form HTML templates 12
Search between two dates 3
Total and subtotal feature 6
Multiple delete with checkboxes selection 5

While developing DaDaBIK 5, we took into serious consideration user requests, suggestions and needs.

We want to continue on this path for the next releases, asking which is the feature you consider the most important for the future DaDaBIK. Please vote in the poll! If your favourite feature is not in the list, just add a comment to this post proposing a new feature and it will be added to the poll.


Here is the detailed explanation for some non obvious features in the list.

Virtual Fields
Calculated fields which are displayed in the data grid and in forms, even if they are not database fields. The field values are generated by PHP functions defined by users (for example according to the value of other fields).

Disabled fields
Fields which are displayed as disabled in edit forms.

Custom insert/update functions for fields
Users-defined PHP functions which are executed on a field value before its insertion/update.

Field type, content and relations with other tables guessing during installation
DaDaBIK, during installation and db synchro, tries to guess, for each field, the right field type, content and relations with other tables according to the database field characteristics.

Insert/Update/Delete Moderation
Insert and/or Update and/or Delete operations need to be approved by an administrator before the execution.

Form HTML templates
Form layout customization using HTML template, as already happens with data grids.

Total and subtotal feature
The possibility to add a column total or subtotal in data grids, based on grouping functions.

Eugenio |\.-./| DaDaBIK founder
Re: Vote for the next features of DaDaBIK!
July 31, 2013 09:24AM
The Poll is closed, DaDaBIK 6 will provide Multi-select listboxes and checkboxes! Thanks to everybody for the participation.

Eugenio |\.-./| DaDaBIK founder
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