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search betwwen fields

Posted by Autumnpie 
search betwwen fields
September 11, 2004 04:04AM

I have been trying to use DaDabik to search between two fields. I have customized the code to give some kind of functionatilty to this effect but it isn't very good. It would be nice if the code could added so that when you customize the fields you could specify if you want between fields or not. So if you have a date or a number you could search between them in search mode.

Debbie S
Re: search betwwen fields
September 11, 2004 07:52AM

I'm not sure if this functionality will be added in future releases or not, however, marcello has provided a quick way of doing this to search between dates. See post for details. Beyond this, I'm sure Eugenio will take this suggestion into consideration.

(Latest version of DaDaBIK when this message was posted: 3.1 Beta)
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