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new features

Posted by Jaggers 
new features
May 17, 2002 03:56PM
Brilliant - absolutely brillian piece of coding! thanks for all your hard work.

a few suggestions....

** why not add a POLL to pool all these wish lists together? **

1. sort feature on columns in results table (either add as switch in search form so user can select the sort field key, or add functionality to each column)

2. ability to set fixed width of results columns by admin

3. display text only for fields not included in insert (so some fields can be disabled but allow users to see content whilst editing other inserts)

4. differentiate insert and search field behaviours (the SQL link is great: so you can provide a pull-down box for a given field. BUT you cannot then add to this field on insert...)
Re: new features
May 19, 2002 04:30AM
You said:
"3. display text only for fields not included in insert ... "

YES this is very important. In my case I had to change the line hereunder (about line number 1290 in business_logic.php)

I just listed the fields that I do not want to be seen in details table. So here the field no 0, 2 and 5 wont be seen. BUT, I think this array could easily be defined in internal table.

if (($i != 0) && ($i != 2) && ($i != 5)) {
$details_table .= "<tr><td valign=\"top\" align=\"right\"><b>".$fields_labels_ar[$i]["label_field"]."</b></td><td>$field_to_display</td></tr>";
} // end if addition

PS: I do not see the use of maxlenght_field in internal table. For me this was a cause of some problems.
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