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quote variable

Posted by joeharth 
quote variable
April 04, 2007 06:02AM
Hello does anyone know where is the value for $quote stored? I am trying to run dadabik in sybase and looks like i might be very close to get it done. I need to set $quote=''; but i dont want to go around all the code doing this.

my error is

[08] Error: during query execution.
SELECT name_table FROM "dadabik_table_list" WHERE allowed_table = '1'
DBMS server said: Incorrect syntax near 'dadabik_table_list'.
Re: quote variable
April 04, 2007 09:09AM
Re: quote variable
April 04, 2007 09:21AM
which is acquired from in the adodb data connection folder...

Hope that helped a little
Re: quote variable
April 04, 2007 09:27AM
I'm sorry here it is...

var $nameQuote = '"'; /// string to use to quote identifiers and names

Re: quote variable
April 05, 2007 08:50AM
Thanks that was very usefull. I got past those errors and now the admin part works. The index.php failes with a similar error. Looks like sybase does not like where interger = '1' but it likes interger = 1. This is my error message. I am not sure where is happenning and i am not sure on how to trace it. I know it happes when I load index.php. Is there a part where I can remove that little quote for the where statment.

[08] Error: during query execution.
SELECT, FROM t_test WHERE = '1'
DBMS server said: Implicit conversion from datatype 'VARCHAR' to 'NUMERIC' is not allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query.
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