1-click deployment from test to production server


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Especially for complex / critical applications, you might want to have the same application on a test environment/server and on a production server.
After having implemented new features and tested on the test environment, you need to deploy the changes to the production server. This, at the moment, means you have to shut down the website where the production app is running (e.g. you can "suspend it" if you are using Plesk), make a backup, upload changed files and DB, and then re-activate it.
A one-click deployment that takes care of everything would be helpful. This is a feature that would require a lot of work and there might be issues that I don't see at the moment but I would like to have your feedback to understand how useful it is from your point of view and to discuss the possible development details.
Here are some general aspects:
- on the admin section, there would be a "deploy" button that deploys the form configurator, the permissions and all the custom files (these are the things that you change most of the time) to another dadabik app (defined by a URL)
- each dadabik installation would have a password of your choice that other installations need to have in the config file to interact with it
- the production website, before starting the deoployment, would be automatically moved to a particular maintenance status that prevents anybody to interact with it, except from the deployment process
- a backup of the custom files, form config and permissions would be made automatically before deployment
Suggestions and thoughts are welcome!
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This would be very beneficial for me.

I think how you sync the DB be an interesting challenge. For tables which are effectively internal there is no problem but what about tables that take customer input. I can think of 2 options:-

  1. You have an option to tell the deloyment process not to change a table.
  2. When you go into maintenance mode on Production the latest updates are synced first.

I'm thinking of things like:-
  • A new customer has registered
  • A customer has changed their password
  • A new order has been placed
The other issue to watch out for is permissions on your hosting site which are generally less permsissive than on your Test site.