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  1. Caloo

    Search on accented characters

    Sorry, it is a typical french problem;) But does someone have a trick to search words with accented characters in a rich text field without typing the long HTML sequence like "é" for "é" or "ç" for "ç" . It doesn't work if I put simply é or ç Thank you Pascal
  2. Caloo

    URL of a new custom page

    Hi, Please how to find easily the url of a custom page that we just created ? I didn't find the way otherwise than by groping. Thank you. Cheers Pascal __________________________________________ You are using DaDaBIK version 10.3-Manarola pro, installed on 05/09/2020 (installation code: 0)...
  3. Caloo

    Implemented "Not saved" message alert

    Hi Eugenio, I didn't see here a proposal made on the old forum, asking for a caution message when we return from an edition page without having saved the new inputs. This kind of omission is notably done in case of a "master/details view" that we edit just after having made changes in the main...
  4. Caloo

    $function_link_to_record new option

    $function_link_to_record can only be set to 'details' or 'edit'. The problem is that at times we need to edit the called record, at other times only consult it. I propose to have a third option : - When we are in edition mode, the link_to_record leads to an edition page. - When we are in a...
  5. Caloo

    Master/details title style

    Hi, Master/details is a great feature and I use it greatly, however I would like to change the style of the title displayed before the grid, to have it more visible. Can I do it in a css file and what parameter is to modify ? Thank you Pascal [hr] You are using DaDaBIK version 10.3-Manarola...
  6. Caloo

    Some "Link to record" improvement ?

    Hi, This time I begin with my config to not forgot it ;) : You are using DaDaBIK version 10.3-Manarola pro, installed on 05/09/2020 You are runnning the last release of DaDaBIK System info: PHP Version: 5.6.30 mysql version: 5.7.17 Web server: Apache/2.4.25 (Win32) PHP/5.6.30 Client...
  7. Caloo

    Link to record icon

    Hi, I would liket to change the "link to record" icon but I can't find how. Please could you give me some tip to do it ? Thank you Pascal Otherwise the tool is great !
  8. Caloo

    Can't create users whithin a group?

    Hi, The home page propose to create and edit groups but I don't find anywhere how to add users whithin the groups. Please could you tell me what I miss :S Thank you Pascal
  9. Caloo

    IonCube loader concern :(

    Hi, I bought DaDaBik PRO some days ago and I tried to install it on this local server : EasyPHP Devserver v17 Apache 2.4.25 x86 PHP 5.6.3 et 7.1.3 MySQL 5.7.17 x86 ( where I have created my DB ) My OS is windows 7 Unfortunately the server seems to not accept the IonCube Loader because after...