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  1. eugenio

    In Progress Custom Code API

    With DaDaBIK, you can develop a Web application without coding (no-code); however, you can also add your own custom PHP/Javascript code to the application (using hooks, custom validation functions, custom formatting functions, custom pages etc) in order to fit your needs more precisely...
  2. eugenio

    Full PDF generation for Master/Detail forms

    If you generate a PDF for a master/detail form, at the moment only the master part (e.g. the heading of an invoice) is printed in PDF. To generate the PDF for the detail part, you need to write some code in a custom PHP page. The proposal is to fully support the details part as well.
  3. eugenio

    Bar Code / QR Code content type

    If you set, for a field, the content type to "Barcode" (or "QR Code") DaDaBIK will display the value (in grid, pdf and details page) converting it into a Barcode (or QR Code).
  4. eugenio

    VIEW AS - Admins can view the application AS another user

    The idea is having, only for admin users, close to the languages menu, another menu, VIEW AS. This could be very useful during tests: it allows to choose a particular user and see the application AS such user would see it (considering their permissions).
  5. eugenio

    Templates for tables creation

    There are tables, having a similar structure, that I have to create quite often. For example in my apps I typically have a lot of lookup tables (what we call linked tables in DaDaBIK) having only two fields (id and name), e.g. table states having fields: ID_state (INT, PK, autoincrement)...
  6. eugenio

    We have a brand new Forum Platform!

    Dear users, after exactly 20 years - check my very first post, dated Jan 31st 2002 :) - our old forum platform is ready to retire. We have a new, modern, forum, based on the amazing Xenforo platform and I have migrated all the ~20k posts and users to it. The forum has everything you expect...
  7. eugenio

    The behavior of Previous/Next buttons and the navigation bar

    Dear all, I have added a new chapter to the documentation, explaining why this behaviour could be unexpected for the final users of our applications. I have been thinking about better ways to handle these features since quite a long time ago but I haven't found any satisfying solution. I would...
  8. eugenio

    Implemented Different labels for results grid and forms

    At the moment, for each field you can choose a label in the form configurator. The label is used both in forms and results grid. Sometimes it would be useful to have a different (typically, shorter) label for the results grid.
  9. eugenio

    1-click deployment from test to production server

    Especially for complex / critical applications, you might want to have the same application on a test environment/server and on a production server. After having implemented new features and tested on the test environment, you need to deploy the changes to the production server. This, at the...
  10. eugenio

    Move config.php settings to database

    Hi, I am working hard on the new upgrade procedure. A new script allows to upgrade a DaDaBIK installation just by putting the new zip package into the "upgrades" folder and run the script; everything (files copy, database changes, ... ) is handled by this script. One of the difficult parts is...
  11. eugenio

    Errors logging

    DaDaBIK could track (regardless of your server's settings) PHP and PDO errors (e.g. undefined variables, query execution errors ... ) and register them into a dadabik_errors table, together with additional info (datetime, user logged, variables set at the moment ... ). An interface to the table...
  12. eugenio

    Move the fields in the form configurator with drag & drop

    The possibility to change the order (position) of a field in a form by dragging & dropping the field in the live preview pane
  13. eugenio

    Implemented "Live" editing on the results grid

    The possibility, at least for some of the field types, to edit a field value from the results grid, without entering the record in edit mode.
  14. eugenio

    New upgrade procedure

    Dear all, I am working on a new upgrade procedure. The general idea for the new procedure is: 1) you copy the zip file you download into an "upgrades" folder 2) you run the upgrade script, that should take care of everything (copy only the needed files, change the database schema if needed...
  15. eugenio

    Implemented Search by URL

    The possibilty to execute a search (with search paramers) and open the correspondent filtered results grid by calling a URL. e.g. index.php?tablename=customers&function=search&execute_search=1&country=italy&age=30
  16. eugenio

    Use Javacript (as an alternative to PHP) for custom formatting / validation functions

    For simple formatting / validation functions, Javascript could be used instead of PHP. Furthermore, the formatting / validation function could be written directly in the form configurator (through a popup editor) without editing custom_functions.js
  17. eugenio

    A book about DaDaBIK

    A book that covers, in a single volume: - simple database design rules - how to build a DaDaBIK app from A to Z - some PHP and Javascript knowledge you might need if you want to add your own custom code
  18. eugenio

    More YouTube tutorials

    More YouTube tutorials, each covering single (and simple) aspects of the DaDaBIK app development process
  19. eugenio

    Unique login for forum, website, upgrades download

    At the moment, the forum has its own user registration that is not used for the rest of the site. Once authenticated, we could show to the user, in the upgrade page, his/her coupon to download upgrades, without requiring the order number. We could also show to the user his/her newsletter...