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    Updating existing data

    Hi I have posted this issue at the end of a previous thread but not got a response yet so starting a new thread. I really need to resolve this to continue with my application. I have a "View Projects" menu option that links to a page that is generated from a view in mysql. This view joins...
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    Windows IIS

    Hi I am about to transfer my application from my laptop (which was running MAMP) to a server provided by my organisation. Their preference is to run Windows IIS as the web server rather than Apache. Is this likely to cause any issues? Thanks
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    Transferring application from local host to server

    Hi I have been developing a system on my laptop using MAMP as a server and all files stored locally. I now wish to transfer the system to a remote server so colleagues can test it before going live. What is the easiest way of doing this? Can I just copy the existing database and everything in my...
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    Simplifying page layout

    I would like to simplify the layout of a page. I have a View Project page. This takes all its info from a mysql view. It lists all projects and you can search for different projects. If you click on the details icon it opens a new page where you can view the details of that project. The...
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    Changing width of main menu

    How do I change the width of the main menu - some of my menu options are wrapping and I would prefer it if they were all on one line. I've had a quick look at the CSS files but it looks like there is lots of potential for messing stuff up if you don't know exactly what to change. See image...
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    SOLVED - Creating a Master/Details view on a View?

    In brief - In the form configurator, can I set up a Master/Details view on a page that is initially based on a view? This is an evolution of this issue.
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    Insert into new table using select_single lookup from other table - basic error

    OK - I thought I was doing this properly but..... technol - table that contains details of different technologies (lots of columns including PRIMARYKEY, NAME, MANAGERNAME, DATECREATED etc...) project_managers - table that contains names of project managers (only two columns PRIMARYKEY...
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    "Plus" symbol appearing on an insert form that links to a new window ?????

    Hi I have set up an insert form that includes some select_single drop down lists that are populated from another table. I am getting a "plus" symbol next to these fields. When you click on the plus symbol it opens a new window that lets you insert a new entry in the table that is generating the...
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    Hi I am getting the following error message when trying to setup a select_single field in forms configurator and linking to a lookup table. "Table/view technol, form configurator, unexpected primary_key_table_field: projects. Check $form_config_security_check in config.php for additional...
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    Displaying data from multiple tables on single form

    The database is to record new technologies/ideas/inventions developed in a large hospital. I am trying to put a new frontend on an existing database (the structure of which can't be changed). I want to display information from multiple tables on a single page. Best explained with an example...
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    Primary Key issues

    I have installed Dadabik onto an existing SQL Server database. The Primary Keys on all the tables of this database are non-sequential. So for example, entries that have been added sequentially by date into one table have the following values in the Primary Key column. 201356 201358 201402...
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    Hi Downloaded Dadabik 11.3 Elba Pro last week - can't seem to get it to install. Bit of a novice so likely to be a simple mistake. Running everything locally on the C drive on my laptop. Have installed MAMP and this seems to be working (I can display various helloworld.php messages) Using...