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  1. eugenio

    install2.php won't load

    This means, as I suspected, that the problem is not in the DaDaBIK code, your environment for some reason cannot run ioncube PHP files, probably there is something wrong in the configuration (or the loader is the wrong one). You could also try to contact ioncube and ask if there is any known bug...
  2. eugenio

    custom php Template

    Line and page numbers are in the default footer provided by TCPDF, if you add your own footer as explained in the documentation, you will override the default footer and not lines / page numbers will appear. Best,
  3. eugenio

    PHP 8.x

    Great :) About custom code API, I just started a thread to discuss the next functions to implement:
  4. eugenio

    In Progress Custom Code API

    With DaDaBIK, you can develop a Web application without coding (no-code); however, you can also add your own custom PHP/Javascript code to the application (using hooks, custom validation functions, custom formatting functions, custom pages etc) in order to fit your needs more precisely...
  5. eugenio

    Cannot edit/change custom home menu HTML content in new DaDaBik application

    Hello, if you open the source code to directly add HTML you will have two SAVE buttons and sometimes this can be confusing. You have a SAVE button that is related to TinyMCE, this will save the code in the rich editor but then you have to click on the DaDaBIK "SAVE CHANGES" button. Maybe this...
  6. eugenio

    install2.php won't load

    Ok, let's see if your environment can execute a very simple encoded PHP file: download the file and unzip it, let me know what you see on the screen when you execute it. It works with any PHP 7 >= 7.2 and with PHP 8.1
  7. eugenio

    install2.php won't load

    Hello, are you sure you are using the correct ioncube loaders, considering - the operating system you are using - 32 bit Vs. 64 bit - Thread safe Vs. not thread safe ? I guess you downloaded Linux Armv7l loaders, have you also tried the generic linux loaders? Do you have the chance to try...
  8. eugenio

    custom php Template

    OK. So if you want to customize the default header and footer of the PDF, you have to override the header and footer methods of the TCPDF class. In the DaDaBIK documentation, search for: you will see an example. Best,
  9. eugenio

    Usage of Revision with custom php files

    Hi, the function is defined so that message is very strange. Are you sure you are using the platinum files (maybe you also had an enterprise license don't know)? If you are not using the platinum files, the function is undefined. Best,
  10. eugenio

    php 8 / ioncube loader

    Correct order is 1) Upgrade DaDaBIK to 11.7 (it sill runs on PHP >= 7.2) 2) Install the new ioncube loader 3) Change PHP version to 8.1
  11. eugenio

    php 8 / ioncube loader

    It was quicker than expected, V 11.7 is out :):cool:
  12. eugenio

    custom php Template

    Hi, are you referring to PDF templates or results grid templates?
  13. eugenio

    php 8 / ioncube loader

    Hi, if (and only if) all the tests will be OK (so far they are) next week V 11.7 will be out, this version will include support for PHP 8.1 and a huge improvement related to user permissions, sponsored by a customer. Loaders are not backward compatible (at least they are not for PHP 8) and also...
  14. eugenio

    Use of DaDaBiK in clinical studies

    Hi Stefan, thanks for your kind words of appreciation, I am so glad DaDaBIK has been used for a study on such an important and central topic in public health. I hope it will continue to be helpful in the future! I will certainly read the paper. Best,
  15. eugenio


    Hi, send a message to
  16. eugenio

    Multiple Upgrades Question

    Hello Todd, you don't need to go through all the versions, you just need V. 11.6; follow the upgrade instructions here: chapter "New, official, upgrade procedure" and you can upgrade your 11.1 installations to 11.6. There...
  17. eugenio

    Support for DaDaBik menu items that call WSGI/Dash Applications

    Hello, can you provide an example of integration you would like to achieve? Python (and more in general, any type of) applications can communicate with DaDaBIK using the DaDaBIK HTTP API, for example here: I show, in Python, how to retrieve data from a DaDaBIK application and create charts...
  18. eugenio

    Two-factor authentication

    This is not planned yet but it's something that DaDaBIK at some point will need. I would like to start discussing about its implementation, which additional authentication method would you like to see? Email, SMS, Google Authenticator (or similar)?
  19. eugenio

    Remaining fields in Form Configurationa after table and data deletion

    Hi, I think it's your first post here. As explained in the post creation form, you have to specify your environment in your message: DaDaBIK version, browser, operating system, DBMS, Web server, otherwise not only it's difficult to provide support but this post could be misleading in the future...
  20. eugenio

    Issue when user inputs string into integer search field

    Yes, since version 10.6. If you check the email from your colleague, he reported the message got from the upgrade, which notified about that. I quote here an extract: