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    Email after insert order

    That is a 2 version what i have. I'm not programer and i cant write php myself :( : $hooks['zamowienia']['insert']['after'] = 'dadabik_send_notice_after_zamowienia_insert'; function dadabik_send_notice_after_zamowienia_insert($id) { global $conn; // get the name from the ID $sql =...
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    Email after insert order

    I see on forum, documentation and on video 3 version of code but all is not working. I dont get any emails. When i put order i get only this default email from system.
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    Email after insert order

    Hi, I need to make new style of email to admin and customer who is placing an order. I try to make it with video and manual but it doesent works. Can someone help me? i have a table "orders" and all anoter info about users are that same as in dadabik_users. I need to have 2 another mails 1st for...
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    Condition in custom button PDF

    Hi, I need to have confition: If current user is from group 1 (admin) or 2 generate PDF from template ORDER else generate PDF from template ORDEREU I tryed make that in function dadabik_create_pdf (from manual) but that doesen't work :( Please help me
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    Maximum records per day

    That's ok but i mean that all users can put only 4 orders per day and when user will put next order in that date will get info " this date is full. Please select another date" and can't get this date to form.
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    Maximum records per day

    Hi, Can someone tell me where can i make that? I make an order platform for my company and i need block maximum orders/ records per day.
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    Font size in Grid table (main table

    Hi, I'm trying to find where i can change font size in grid- main table but all suggestion is not working. I tryed change in styles-screen or in styles-screen old file but nothing happend. Can you help me with that? Where can i find font size of mail table? Best wishes, Michal
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    Last name user on form

    Hi, I have a problem that I need to take the last_name_user field from the users table and automatically insert it into the field in the order form. i would like this field to fill automatically with the data of the currently logged in user and not show other data from this table. I tried to...