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    Can not upload images from an iphone

    I have my dadabik application running fine. I can upload images from any computer but when I try to upload from an iphone it says "there was an error uploading the image" Both the computer and the iphone are accessing my dadabik application using chrome, and they are on separate networks from...
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    Ion cube issue

    Hi Eugenio. I was attempting to install our Enterprise version on a new server and move my existing dadabik System to the new server. The SQL database installed and copied with no issue. When I run install that PHP, I get a message that I am cube loader doesn’t exist. It has been installed and...
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    Need help using a hook to generate a CSV

    I am trying to generate a csv file every time a table is updated. Does anyone have any relevant information or success with such a task? You are using DaDaBIK version 10.3-Manarola enterprise, installed on 10-31-2020 PHP Version: 7.4.3 mysql version: 8.0.22-0ubuntu0.20.04.2 Web server...
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    I am receiving the following error only when updating a record. The issue began today when someone deleted a record (which we regularly do). The id_orders field is the PK, int auto_incrementing. It appears that upon selecting an existing record and making a change, dadabik wants to write...
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    Issues reading values from other tables using hooks

    I have 2 issues using hooks. I have created a complete order entry and tracking system using dadabik. Works great. I have used functions with success including automatically retrieving GPS coordinates and maps from mobile users. Here are my 2 issues. 1) As soon as I un-comment any of your...
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    Execute an html script from a form

    I need to capture and save the latitude and longitude of a mobile users position and save them to fields of my table. I have html code working fine to perform the function but have no idea how I can execute the script within a form and capture the data to the fields. Any creative ideas would be...
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    Custom_functions help !

    I have written a CRM system. The basic structure and functionality works fine. If I edit the custom_function.php file or operational_hooks.php file, the server will not load dadabik. Even if I just un-comment the example of email in the file, it will not load. I am at a loss here. Any...
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    Where is the dada sales app ?

    I am new to dadabik But I am having great success learning it. I recently upgraded to the enterprise version because it includes a sales app. Does anyone know where that is located or where the documentation is on it.